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Going to the Ogden Cemetary, anyone else want to come?

This Saturday, yes this coming up one me and my girlfriend are going to the Ogden Cemetary on 20th street. I recently purchased a video camera hench the trip. So if anyone is interested in joining us just show up there around 10 p.m. I'm not going to do any big planning like the other trips that fail, so just show up or don't doesn't matter either way. Oh and if you do decide to come bring a coat, has been getting chilly out as of late.
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I'd LOVE to go. :)
YAY! That's one person.
Actually, like.. 4. Conor, Ashley, Me & Janie. The 1st two are members of this community, Janie's just another ghost-hunt loving friend of mine. :)
What's the exact address? Where do you plan on meeting?
1875 Monroe Blvd. Mapquest has directions if you need them.
I'm planning to be there, with at least one other person.

Just a heads up, I have a personal interest in ghost-hunting, but I'm also a freelance writer for The Salt Lake City Weekly. I've been given
an assignment for this weekend to write a piece on things to do in Ogden in the middle of the night (inspired by the TV show Insomniac), so stopping by the cemetery while a group is gathered there would be perfect, if no one minds my writing about it.
Nope I don't mind at all. But yes see you all later tonight if you actually read this before then, and Denny's afterwards...unless no one has money. :S
uum, well I am the girlfriend, and I have blue/green hair, and he has turquoise hair so I guess it's not hard to miss us. How would we recognize the people who are coming tho?
I have black hair, I'm tall.. and.. I will be with a short little girl with black hair. I don't know what we'll be wearing though, so.. we'll just come up & introduce ourselves. I'm Jessikuh & my friend's name is Janie.
one more thing. Anyone up for going to Denny's afterwards?
Definately. Dennys & the cemetery are big favorites of me & my friends, hehe.
Are we just planning on meeting out front? I forgot to ask that earlier.
And, I'll be bringing 3 people, instead of just 1 like planned, I hope that's alright.
If you get this before you leave, give me a call, or text, or something & let me know where we're all meeting, I'm gonna get offline.
801-814-3962 is my cell #.