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in honor of Lewis Carroll.....

Being Aquarius-influenced, I can relate to Carroll's weirdness and have always admired his. So.....I have had at least 3 dreams over the years where at the very end of the dream I see a little white bunny running over the snow and disappearing into some unseen hole in it, sometimes its a light brown bunny (I did often see them at the mouth of the canyon up the street from my parents house growing up).But it runs so fast it startles me and I wake up.
So there I was walking up the street leading straight up the narrow canyon dirt path. I had both my dogs and both my cats (one living, one deceased) with me on this walk. No one else was around and it was like early spring run off time of the year, where everything's muddy and the trees are barren sticks, but you feel fairies in the air. And I looked up to my left on the canyon wall and noticed a little hangover where a little castle made of dirt was built under the hangover, and was camouflaged as rock and dirt pieces,unless you looked closely. I realized it was a little fairy castle and wondered how I had never seen it before in all my years hiking up here. I wanted to take my pets and get a closer look, but I was transformed to being in an airplane with some school class and were flying to Chicago to see something educational. We landed on the beach, some sand, and no other humans or signs of them were around. All that happened was a bunch of us ended up waiting for a long time for our plane to come back to get us. So we sat on some large floating buoy anchored near shore and watched it start to rain really hard. it was all very fun and enjoyable, and then the 747 did land and people were slowly boarding. But most of us were still playing on the shore watching the water get wilder and stormier, very entertained. Suddenly the waves became vicious and blew over the one standing palm tree on the beach which the wave pushed so hard it fell on its side and almost washed me out to sea with it. I jumped out of the way just in time, but we were scared then realizing this was a tsunami about to happen. and we were then happy to get on the plane and fly out of it. But suddenly the plane took off with half of us still on the beach yelling at it to come back. I was especially concerned because there was a girl sitting on a bench which was tied to the wing of the plane, and it took off with her still sitting on it!! I knew she wouldnt make it very far up there. I was screaming, yelling to everyone that it had left us, and it had to come back becuase we were the majority of the flight's ticketholders. But some older women from Eastern Europe showed up with some more tickets in hand calmly telling us there would be another plane in a minute coming for them, and we could get on that one, all the while the tsunami getting much worse. I was scared and finally woke up.....without seeing the rabbit first.
[...."falling down, falling down, all over the river, falling down, falling down, falling down, wish what I'm feeling could go on like this forever, falling down, falling down, falling down....and since we're down, might as well stay, might as well fry some eggs, and wave to the shade of the peppermint tree...] Thanx Tori. Thanks Lewis..
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